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Our pick of Most Popular GBC roms

1 Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Duel Stories II - Duel Monsters gbc rom 26938
2 Pokemon Yellow 25042
3 Metal Gear Solid 19645
4 Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins (V1.2)
14 Donkey Kong GB
- Dinky Kong and Dixie Kong 10879
15 Worms Armageddon (M6) 10651
39 Castlevania 2 - Belmont's Revenge .zip
40 Bomberman Collection [S].zip 8094
5 Super Mario Bros. DX (V1.1) 19225
6 Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX
7 Grand Theft Auto 17869
8 YuGiOh! - Capsule 17331
9 Pokemon Trading Card Game 13714
10 Sonic 7 (Unl) 12256
11 Donkey Kong 5 [C][b1].zip 11807
12 Mario Golf 11499
13 Tomb Raider gbc rom(M5)

Gameoy Advance and GBA SP TV Tuner - Turn your gameboy into TV

With this GBA add-on accessory you can turn your gameboy into a portable TVset! Save 99 channals in the memory. Connect to Cable or use the telescopic antenna. Also lets you use GBA as a Video monitor (Video Audi IN connector) so you can use it to play Game Cube or PlayStation! details ->


 TGB-Dual in actions  

When PoKeMoN games on a personal computer you can now link two emulator roms on one PC or over network and trade pokemon. GBC Emu supports all games / gbc roms that have link cable option for multiplayer gaming!


 Download GBCemu  

The only Gameboy Emulator that lets you trade Pokemon's!

tgb dual screenshot pokemon

Please com in.. and start trading your pokeballs!

tgb dual link pokemon roms

Link Pokemon Crystal to Silver or Red to Blue or Pokemon Green to Yellow..

 Multiplayer Link Cable  

TGB is the first and only GB Color emulator that supports GBC Link CABLE emulation. This feature anables multiplayer gameplay - connect 2 roms on one PC or over the IP network and trede Pokemons from one emulator game to another or play gb and gbc multiplayer roms

Pokemon Emulator for GBC PoKe Blue, Red & Yellow Pika. Download emulator for Pokemon Gold & Silver.

TGBdula (JAP verion) 2-player Tetris game






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